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What originally started out as camp recipes, I have expanded this content to simple vegan recipes that can be made anywhere. I also write vegan city guides, featuring the best vegan restaurants in cities around the world and include vegan travel stories. I sometimes throw in the occasional vegan dog treat recipe, too.

The Recipes

Meals made here mean that you don’t need an oven, food processor, or Vitamix (though I may post an occasional smoothie or baked good from time to time). It means you can make these meals on your one-burner camp stove or in your hostal kitchen. In this space, I will aim to show you how to prepare healthy foods you can make on your camp stove, with one pot and one pan, and basic cooking utensils. I’ll teach you shortcuts for making foods like lentils and steel cut oats, and prove that you can satisfy your sweet tooth on the road.

The Journey Here

I have a bit of a food problem.

My problem is that I love food.

The bigger problem is that I love to cook.

I also love to bake, and I use my oven. And my food processor. And my Vitamix. A lot.

Having spent two years cycle touring through Europe and South America, I didn’t exactly have access to all of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I had to pick and choose what I carried, which was always too much. When my 28-liter panniers became overstuffed, I purchased a duffle bag to house my food items. Yep, it is heavy and I got a lot of slack from my partner, Dave and from the cycling community around, but it makes me happy.

I don’t hear anyone complaining about the delicious food I make.

At home in Portland, my kitchen is chock full of Mason jars filled with ingredients like farro, raw cacao, quinoa, and spelt flour. I use my food processor and blender nearly daily, sometimes multiple times per day. I make my own hummus, pesto, and pizza dough. I grind oats into flour and peanuts into smooth butter. Bob’s Red Mill is my playground with bulk bins to my heart’s content. Going into this trip, I knew that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my passion for cooking, nor my standards for nourishing meals.

I explain which ingredients are easy to find in which countries, and what to substitute when tortillas are nowhere to be found. At least ones that don’t contain whey powder or hydrogenated palm oil. By the way, chia seeds, surprisingly easy to find, hummus, not so much.

I want to share the delicious recipes I create while traveling and prove that nomadic pursuits don’t mean that you have to sacrifice your favorite foods. You just have to be a bit creative.

Meet Jen

Jen is the recipe developer, content creator, and photographer behind Messkit Maven. She is also the principal blogger at Long Haul Trekkers, a travel blog about adventure travel with dogs. Born with the travel bug, she has lived in Spain, Chile, and New Zealand and spent two years cycle touring Europe and South America by bicycle with her partner, Dave and their Australian Shepherd, Sora. When she’s not in the kitchen or gallivanting around the world by bicycle, she is running long distances in the woods, going on waterfall hikes, or sipping on a craft beer. She is always planning her next adventure. Follow her on Instagram @messkitmaven and @longhaultrekkers.

 Favorite Recipes

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