About Us

In this site we want to expand upon what a Mess Kit is and show our expertise.

Traditionally, a mess kit is what a soldier would receive – things that are essential to their daily eating rituals. Something that is reliable, they take care of, and carry with them on a daily basis.

At Mess Kit Mavens, we want to explore what the “Mess Kits” are for other aspects of life. What are the essentials for your hobby or interest.

What are the “must have’s” and things you can’t survive without to do the things you’re passionate about.

A kit that you can trust and rely on. Whether it’s physical items or a software stack that makes your life easier and takes off that burden, knowing it’s something you have access to daily.

Join us on this journey exploring these mess kits across industries. And if you ever have any ideas or feedback, please drop a comment or email us.

Reliably Yours,

The MK Maven