What Should I Bring to an Interview? Know before you Go

What Should I Bring to an Interview?

Interviews can be intimidating, even for the most experienced professionals. Being a good at interviews is often a different skill than being good at the job you’re applying for! If your interview is in person and not online. This guide is for you.

They are your opportunity to make a great first impression, demonstrate your qualifications, and show that you are the best candidate for the role.

Preparation is key.Part of that preparation involves knowing what to bring to an interview. This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of the essential “mess kit” items you should take with you to any interview, ensuring you’re as prepared as possible and answering your question: What Should I Bring to an Interview?

Essential Documents

Copies of Your Resume

Bring at least five copies of your updated resume. You might be interviewed by multiple people, and each one should have a copy. Ensure your resume is clean, well-organized, and printed on quality paper. This demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

If you want to kick it up a notch. Print it on thicker, higher quality paper. It feels better in the hand and can give a good first impression.

List of References

Have a printed list of at least three professional references, including their names, job titles, companies, phone numbers, and email addresses. Make sure you have informed these individuals ahead of time that they might be contacted.

You can include this stapled to your resume.

Portfolio of Work

If applicable to your field, bring a portfolio showcasing your best work. This could be a physical portfolio or a tablet loaded with your work, depending on the nature of your profession.

If you have your own website – that’s an even better place to showcase your skills and case studies of your work.

Job Description Copy

Carry a copy of the job description. It can help you tailor your responses to show how your background perfectly aligns with the job requirements.

This is for yourself. Discuss aspects of the resume and ask clarifications on any of the points.

Tools for Note-Taking

Notepad and Pen

Bring a professional-looking notepad and a pen to jot down notes during the interview. This shows you’re engaged and taking the process seriously.

Personal Items to bring to the Interview


Some companies require a form of ID for security purposes. A driver’s license or passport should suffice.

Breath Mints

Use a breath mint before entering the building. It’s a small detail, but it matters, especially in a close conversational setting.

Water Bottle

Some interviews can be lengthy. Having a water bottle helps you stay hydrated. There’s nothing worse trying to speak when you’re parched. Also to note your mouth can get more dry when you’re nervous.

A Good Attitude and Mindset

According to indeed, Ambition, communication, and Confidence are the top three qualities of a good candidate. Bring the right mental attitude to knock this out of the park.

Bring Questions to Ask to an Interview

Coming prepared with questions to ask the interviewer is crucial. It shows your interest in the role and the company. These can include questions about the company culture, the team you’ll be working with, and what success looks like for the position.

I like to ask, what a typical day is like for the role.

Ask questions based off of the job description and the details that you had brought with you!

Technology Considerations

Extra Copies of Digital Documents

If you’re bringing a tablet or laptop to showcase your portfolio, ensure you have extra copies of your documents on a USB drive. Technology can be unpredictable.

Charger or Power Bank

Bring a charger or power bank as a backup if you might run out of juice.

Final Thoughts

Preparation is the key to success in any interview. By bringing these essential items, you demonstrate your professionalism, organizational skills, and seriousness about the position. Remember, the goal is not just to answer their questions but to engage in a meaningful conversation that shows why you are the best candidate for the job. Good luck!